The years first ride bike arrangement, is as a tradition called La Primavera, inspired by Milano - San Remo, famously called La Primavera: Spring is coming.

We were 7 riders who believed spring was here, and after a cold start, 2 C, it was hard to see the spring. Last sunday we had 20 C in Tianjin, but not today. During the ride, the sun came out, and the temperature raised, when we came back to the cars, it was spring.

It was a nice ride in the Eastern Qing Tomb area, and especially Morten found it very interesting, first time in China ( I think) and first time on a MTB-bike, he told me. But he thought it was great and fantastic, and so did we. I hope Sally didn't hurt her too much during her small crash….
QingTombs 38

Highlight of the trip:
  • the tombs it self,
  • the steep ride up to the mine. I guess the road has a slope of close to 30 %, but the surface was extremely good, so it was possible to ride all the way, but boy…
  • The washed away roads by the rain. Meter deep holes, and we had to drag the bikes through.

Thanks to everybody for a good seasonal start of 2013.

Link to Route: La Primavera 2013 (Garmin Connect)

Pictures this day was taken with Hero3 camera.