As we all live in or around Tianjin the main courses are in JiXian- or Pinggu county, in the mountains west of Beijing and north of Tianjin. We are also going other places to do our biking in China, Inner Mongolia, Tibet and other provinces in China.

I can't put all of the courses here on this webpage, but all interesting course are stored in Garmin Connect and by signing in here and search, it is possible to find all the routes/courses I have done. All of them are possible to download.

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Overview map for Pinggu, JiXian area

Here is an overview map to give you an idea where in the world we are biking. Click on the map to see it bigger

How to get there:

Some of us are so lucky to have a car and driver, so we normally fill up the cars, and then we go.
So not having a car or an idea, that there are too far to JiXian, Pinggu or Xiang Shan area, forget it, we will try to arrange transportation, so everybody can go...
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