We are a group of bike-lovers living in Tianjin, TEDA and Beijing.
We all have the passion for cycling in common, and off-course, we are all living in China.
We are mixed group of ladies and gentlemen, but let's start to introduce the brutto group, and the ladies first.:

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Emma is my girlfriend. Emma is a funny person when it comes to biking. She is actually not so fond of it, but when I force her to join us, and we find some crazy downhill tracks, then she is so happy in the car home. So in a way she loves it, or me?

Emma is local Tianjin girl and lives in downtown Tianjin.
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Sally loves to bike, every time we ask her, she is ready. She is a Chinese and works with me in NNE Pharmaplan.
She has been biking for some years now, and has participated in Inner Mongolia Djengish Kahn race at least two times.

Sally lives in Tianjin City.
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Janet does not bike much, to be honest, but sometime we succeed in dragging her with us, and she normally loves it. She is in pretty good shape, and do a lot of fitness in Tianjin.

Janet is actually born in Taiwan, but is US citizen and has been living in Denmark (so three languages). She has been living in Tianjin City for 3 years. Lives together with John and their daughter Sidney.
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John is relatively new within biking, I guess he started some 3 years ago.
He really enjoys the biking, and has the right spirit, never gives up, and never complains.

John is a Dane, and has been living in Tianjin City for 3 years. Lives together with Janet and their daughter Sidney.
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Jacob is a hard core bike rider, not competition, but he just loves to bike, and very much, long bike trips.
His bike rides in Australia, and his bike trip from Beijing to Denmark (yes, he is crazy) witnesses of his passion.

Jacob is, together with Jens, one of the pioneers of starting biking in JiXian area.

Jacob is from Denmark, and has been in China several times, and has been expat out here for 5-6 years. He is back again for a 6-7 month, so lets go biking with him.

Jacob lives in TEDA.
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Well, it is always a little difficult to write something about your self. But, I guess I have to.
I am a dedicated biker, I have been biking for more than 25 years, and done competition biking (Road) for more than 15 years. Not pro-level, but happy amateur races in Denmark.
I have done the Gengish Kahn race three times, and really loves to go to the mountains every weekend.

I am a dane, and has been living in China (Tianjin downtown) for 4 years.
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