Does MTB in China and Road Biking in China, Tianjin or in JiXian sounds interesting for you? then keep reading.

Who are we ?

We are a group of bike-lovers living in Tianjin, TEDA and Beijing.
We all have the passion for cycling in common, and off-course, we are all living in China.
We are mixed group of ladies and gentlemen, but let's start to introduce...

Where do we bike ?

As we all live in or around Tianjin the main courses or trips are in JiXian- or Pinggu county, in the mountains west of Beijing and north of Tianjin. We are also going other places to do our biking in China, Inner Mongolia, Tibet and other provinces in China.
But let's have a look at the area and the courses...

Who Can Join ?

Anybody who:

  • Likes beautiful sceneries
  • Likes to use their body
  • Likes to be in good shape
  • Likes to loose a gram or two
  • Likes to be able to eat anything they want
  • Likes to get sun on the nose and wind in their hair
  • Does not complain about getting sweaty
  • Does not complain about it starts to rain
  • Does not complain about dragging your bike
  • Does not complain about getting lost (a little bit)
  • In short, anybody who likes biking.
  • Still interested:
  • Contact me on E-mail (To avoid spam, please type in the address yourself): mail

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Our rides are often split into two groups:
MTB Distance 40-50 km
Road distance 80-120 km

MTB Distance 20-30 km
Road distance 40-50 km

The difference is off course the speed and length.

A typical ride is, that we all start out together, then the courses are made so A-group take some detours or extra branches. In this way we often will meet during the ride, and approximately half way, we find a place to have a quick lunch together.

Things to bring on the trips:
  • Helmet
  • Correct clothing, also for after the ride
  • Food
  • Water
  • Energy powder
  • Mobile phone
  • Money
  • Spare inner tubes
  • First Aid Kit
  • Bike Tools
  • GPS is a very nice thing, but you can use your smartphone.
  • If no GPS, then some maps.
  • Well and a bike.
    We actually have one MTB bike that can be borrowed, so if you start up with no bike, we can find a solution.

I will mention here, that we quite often join the Beijing Pelotons on their weekly rides.
They arrange road bike trips every saturday, and they are about 20-25 riders each time.

We normally join them, when they are riding in Pinggu area, but also on the "other" side of Beijing.

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