On this page you find link to Archived pages for our biking trips and -events in China.
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Bike shops in Tianjin

I have tried to spot some interesting bike shops in Tianjin area.
If you find new ones, let me know.
OBS: Location is shown on Road Map (not satellite Map)
Grade: (1: best to 3: worst): Bikes: B, Service: S, English: E
ex. B2, S1, E3
Grade information are for the period 2010 to 2015.
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My Bike Tours during the Years

I have listed all my bike trips during the year. I think I have the most interesting ones on the list.
For some there is link to a travel description or pictures. More so fellow readers can get some info, and maybe be inspired.
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My Bike History:
I have always liked to bicycle, never had a motorised bike when I was younger. In 1989 I bought my first road racer, a Gazelle, and started to do non-competition biking in Aalborg with Jesper and Ole.
In 1992 I moved to Kalundborg. Kalundborg CC had a lot of good riders on a high level, just count Henrik Djernis (3 time world champion in MTB and once in Cross), Allan Møller and Michael Jørgensen.
This high level did that I improved, and got competition license in 1995. I have never been A- or B rider (DK-terms), but have had a lot of fun in C-, H30- and H40 class.

In my shed:
Scott CR1, Campagnolo Record (2005)
Trek 9.9 Hard tail, XTR (2009)