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Take a tour in my pictures.
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Photo trip to Hunan Province, China

We had a very nice trip to Hunan where the main attraction was Avatar mountains in ZhangJiaJie. We had all kinds of weather, perfect for a photo trip.
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MTB Trip Lhasa to Kathmandu

A terrific and hard MTB tour from Lhasa in Tibet, China to Kathmandu, Nepal, via Base Camp Everest. 1100 km mainly between 4000 and 5000 m, puh.

Thanks for a wonderful trip and good Team Spirit: Jim (Aussie), Erik (Sweden), Mario (SA), Rosie (England), Per (DK), Jacob (DK).
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Hero3 Test

Check out this Hero3 Test. Funny what 120 FPS can do.

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Take with me to the Western part of China.. or the Eastern part of Pakistan or Turkey.
We had a interesting trip and did not feel we still were in China.

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Some of my pictures from my 5-year-living-in-China.