An Evening with China Table Tennis Super League

Another funny and for me very interesting event i China.

Via my connection from the local Table Tennis Club where I am playing, Emma and I was so lucky to be invited to a match between Tianjin and Ningbo.

It was one of games in China Table Tennis Super League tournament. Tianjin has a team in the league and the local Hao Shuai (no. 14) is top player on the team.

He was the chinese player, that Maze beat in World Championship in 2008 (?) after being down 0-3 in set, 9-10 and laying on the floor giving the chinese a balloon ball.
Hao Shuai missed it, and Maze won the match and a Bronze medal.

Tianjin was up against NingBo who has World no. 1 Ma Long in their staff, not mentioning Chinas number 8 (Yan An), and South Koreas best, Joo Saehyuk.

Ma Long

Yes, NingBo was the favourites.

After the first two games, my local "friends" had arranged I should play against Hao Shuai. He was slightly injured, or he got some nervous ticks, when he heard he should meet another danish table tennis player.

Anyway, they did not let me go, so I had to play against Li Ping (who beat Maze last year).

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A foreigner in trouble.

Ma Long and friends

ITTF Men 2013_12

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