Welcome to my China-Blog page.

I moved to China in March 2010, and has lived in Tianjin until March 2015, 5 years.
On this page I have tried to describe a little about what I have done, thought and believed in China.
Far from home. 

China Pearl Spots

On this page I will collect GPS spots that might have interest for Expats in China.
It can be everything from grocery shops to nature sightseeing areas. Stay tuned and if you find something that you think might interest other than you, send it to me, and I will paste it in.
The current list is a kind of draft version and some of the information is handed over from previous expats.
The list might not be accurate, I mean things change in China. Also due to the fact that maps in China has a GPS offset compared to the satellite maps, so be aware of this as well.
If you find some mistakes, let me know, and I will update and continuously improve the list.
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Nothing is easy in China, and nothing is impossible....
Unknown expat
China is a very nice place to live, if you don't have to eat the food, drink the water or breathe....
Late expat
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